The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for a Killer Real Estate Shoot

Oh Snap Media wants your pictures to look incredible each and every time. In order to have perfect real estate photos there needs to be a little preparation. Fortunately, once the home is properly prepared for a real estate photography,  it will also be ready to show potential buyers. This list may seem a bit overwhelming but most homes will not need much work. When the photos in the listing look professional. It will increase the likelihood to sell the property at a higher price point by attracting more buyers, therefore, having the potential for better offers. Not to mention how it will reflect on the professionalism of the Realtor who is offering the listing. 

The more you prepare your home before the photographer arrives, the better the pictures are going to look. Remember, the photographer is hired to take the photos and make space look good through the lens, it’s not their job to clean up the mess… and they can only do so much with a house that is in poor condition. It’s not possible to make a messy room look uncluttered in the picture. 
Real estate Photography Interior


Main Living Areas

Dining Room




Temecula California real estate photography


Front and Rear of Home

Put the following out of sight:

*If possible remove all vehicles from the front of home and street. This may require asking neighbors to move cars in advance. Open street make the property much more appealing

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