Why Use a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

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Years ago people depend upon a real estate agent to see a home for the first time. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Prospective home buyers will research the internet before contacting a realtor. At this point, they have already viewed the inside of dozens or even hundreds of homes. By the time a realtor is contacted, first impressions have been made and properties selected to walk through. These choices were made based heavily on the photos and video that were presented on the internet. If this visual material is not of highest quality, they may not even consider spending time with a showing. With 92 percent of Americans using the internet to shop for homes, the pictures and video need to at their best. Here are some fact that will support the need to hire a professional real estate photographer to take your listing photos.

The Research

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In a scientific study conducted by Old Dominion University the eye movements of current home buyers who are in the
process of searching for homes on the Internet

95.1% of participants first look at the picture of the home. Next, their focus turns to the property description. Lastly the agents’ remarks section. Over 40% of the home buyers did not look at the agents’ remarks section.

Higher sales prices


A few years ago, Redfin completed a study finding that improving the quality of the listing photos could increase the selling price of the home by up to $116,076.  That kind of over list final sale would make any seller ecstatic. But the selling agent has even more than the extra commission. , When an agent starts consistently selling over list they start to establish a very good reputation. Imagine how many friends of those sellers will call you to sell their home.

More listing activity 


The better the photos and video make a property look the more interest that property receives. With today’s inventory shortages that equates to bidding wars and higher prices. Professional photos result in 118% more views than nonprofessional photographed listings. Video receives 403% more views. Those are serious increases.

Brand Building

Realtor Branding

The main benefit of hiring a professional real estate photographer is not to simply sell a home. Thousands of homes sell every year with poor photography. Professional real estate photography is all about selling a home fast and closing at higher final sales prices. This is what builds agents reputations and increases incomes for those agents.

A study conducted a few years ago revealed that realtors that always used professional real estate photographers made 202% more commission. While those that occasionally used a professional real estate photographer made 72% more than those that never used a professional photographer. This was all possible because those agents made more by selling higher priced properties. This did not happen by accident, those agents built a reputation that made it possible to land those luxury properties. Using a professional real estate photographer to acquire the highest quality photos and video were a part of building that agents reputation.

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